20Sales: How to Scale Into Enterprise Effectively and the Biggest Mistakes Made When Making the Move From PLG to Enterprise, Why Discovery Today is F***** & The Biggest Lessons on How to Do Sales Team Compensation with Sean Murray, CRO @ Greenhouse

Posted on 24th January 2024 by Harry

Sean Murray is the CRO @ Greenhouse which is the fourth company Sean has scaled successfully into the enterprise. Sean’s prior roles include revenue leadership positions at Saleloft (CRO), Xactly (VP Sales), and CEB, now Gartner (Head of MID Global Sales).

In Today’s Episode with Sean Murray

1. The Origin Story: Is a Love of Sales Born:

  • How did Sean first fall in love with Sales?
  • What does Sean know now that he wishes he had known when he started his career in sales?
  • What is Sean’s biggest advice to a young person entering the sales world today?

2. Sales has Changed; You Need to Change with It:

  • Why do CMOs need to be good sellers and CROs need to be good marketers today?
  • Have we seen the total blending of sales and marketing today?
  • Should we get rid of all sales teams and just have content marketing teams?

3. How to Move into the Enterprise Successfully:

  • What are the three biggest mistakes startups make when scaling into the enterprise?
  • What easy wins can they do early in the sales process to enterprises to get a good start?
  • How important are logos? Does social validity really work in enterprise?
  • How should sales teams use discounting in enterprise sales most effectively?
  • What is the right way for sales leaders and CROs to budget for enterprise?
  • Is there a way to test enterprise without committing the company and a lot of resources?

4. How to Build the Best Sales Team Today:

  • What is the right hiring process for all new sales hires?
  • What are the questions you have to ask in the interviews?
  • What do the case studies entail? What are signals of the best reps?
  • What are the biggest mistakes teams make when hiring new sales reps?
  • What have been Sean’s biggest lessons on comp and negotiation with new reps?

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