20Sales: How to Close Sales When Selling to CFOs, How to Guarantee You Win Every Renewal, Core Questions All CFOs Ask Today When Buying, Why Revenue Operations is the Most Important Role in a Company with Steve Goldberg, CRO @ Salesloft

Posted on 13th December 2023 by Harry

Steve Goldberg is the Chief Revenue Officer at Salesloft, the sales engagement platform that was acquired by Vista in 2022 for $2.3BN. Prior to Salesloft, Steve was Group Vice President of Enterprise at Yext and before that was a Senior VP @ InsideSales.com.

In Today’s Episode with Steve Goldberg:

1. Becoming a Sales Leader:

  • When did Steve first fall in love with sales?
  • Why does Steve believe sales is more psychology than anything else? What can sales reps do to master the psychology of their prospects?
  • What does Steve know now about sales that he wishes he had known in the beginning?

2. How to Close Prospects Faster Than Ever:

  • How does Steve build relationships with prospects very fast? What questions does he ask?
  • How does Steve know if he is really speaking to a buyer? What are the signals?
  • How does Steve advise sales reps on getting multiple relationships within an account to prevent the potential of losing your champion?
  • How does Steve feel about discounting? When is the right time to do it?

3. How To Do The Best Deal Reviews:

  • What makes good vs great deal reviews? Who is invited? Who is not?
  • Who sets the agenda? Who is responsible for what?
  • How do deal reviews change throughout the quarter and throughout the year?
  • Is a deal slipping into the next quarter an acceptable excuse for a sales rep to give?

4. How to Ensure Renewals in a World When They are Not Guaranteed:

  • Have all budgets centralized back to the control of the CFO?
  • Are people right to say that no CFOs are buying new technology today?
  • What is the best way to show to customers the value you provide?
  • Why does Steve believe revenue operations is the most valuable role within an org?

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