20VC: Box’s Aaron Levie on Predictions for the Next Wave of Al: Will Foundation Models Be Commoditised | How the Business Model of SaaS Changes Forever | Startups vs Incumbents: Who Wins | App vs Infrastructure Layer: Where is the Value?

Posted on 22nd May 2024 by Vince

Aaron Levie is one of the OG founders of the last two decades as the Co-Founder and CEO of Box. Today, Box does over $1BN in revenue with a market cap of $3.85BN, and has raised over $560 million from the likes of DFJ, Andreesen Horowitz, and Coatue. 

In Today’s Episode with Aaron Levie We Discuss:

1. What You Need to Know Entering This AI Wave:

  • Why does Aaron think we are currently in a transformative window in AI?
  • What does Aaron think it takes to be successful in this next wave?
  • Which areas does Aaron think founders should be focusing on today? Where should they not?

2. AI Adoption: Business Model, Implementation, Regulation.

  • How does Aaron think AI will change how we work & run a business?
  • What does Aaron think is the single biggest obstacle to AI adoption in large organizations?
  • Does Aaron agree with Sarah Tavel @ Benchmark AI companies will be selling work not tools? 
  • How does Aaron think AI will change the SaaS business model?
  • Why is Aaron not as worried about AI regulation? What are his biggest concerns today?

3. The Next AI Breakthrough: AI Agents

  • Why does Aaron believe the next big breakthrough in AI will be agents?
  • How does Aaron think AI agents will change org structures?
  • How does Aaron think agents will differ from RPA? How will RPA companies benefit from AI? 
  • What does Aaron think AI agents will look like in five years?

4. Startups vs Incumbents: Who Wins?

  • What is Aaron’s advice to startups today building against OpenAI?
  • Does Aaron think startups have more advantage in foundational models or the application layer?
  • What advantages do incumbents have? What are their biggest weaknesses?
  • Who does Aaron think are the biggest winners in AI today? Who is underperforming?
  • Why does Aaron think Apple isn’t losing the AI race?

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