20VC: How To Get Back To 200 Tech IPOs Per Year, Why We Are In A ‘Bulge” Not A Bubble & The Impending Flat & Down Rounds To Come with Barry Schuler, Partner @ DFJ Growth

Posted on 5th July 2017 by Harry

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Barry Schuler is a Partner @ DFJ Growth, the team that seeks out companies that have gone through the early stages of funding and are category leaders or are poised to be. Their portfolio includes the likes of Tesla, Twitter, Box, Unity 3D and more fantastic companies. As for Barry, he is credited with being one of the pioneers of the modern Internet as chairman and CEO of America Online and an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Today he serves on the board of some truly game-changing companies in the likes of Coinbase, Unity and Foursquare just to name a few.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Barry make his way from Chairman of Americal Online to Partner @ DFJ Growth, one of the leading growth funds?

2.) Why does Barry believe we have seen a drought of tech IPOs in the last few years? What needs to be done to change this and generate the “200 IPOs a year that we need”?

3.) Why does Barry believe we are in a “bulge and not a bubble” in today’s current startup ecosystem? What does Barry suggest will happen to the many highly priced tech startups with lacking exit options?

4.) Why does Barry believe that companies are ‘bought and not sold’? How has Barry seen the growth and momentum patterns change for those in hypergrowth? How does that affect the IPO market and their price sensitivity?

5.) Why is Barry concerned that there is too much money chasing too few deals? What does that do to his funnel in producing 10m+ revenue scaling startups?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Barry’s Fave Book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Barry’s Most Recent Investment: Unity 3D, Giphy

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