20VC: The Ultimate AI Roundtable: What Happens Now in AI, The Commoditisation of LLMs, Model Size vs Data Quality, Why Google are Vulnerable and Apple are the Dark Horse

Posted on 26th November 2023 by Harry

Des Traynor is a Co-Founder of Intercom, and has built and led many teams within the company, including Product, Marketing, and Customer Support.

Yann LeCun is VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta and Silver Professor at NYU affiliated with the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences & the Center for Data Science. He was the founding Director of FAIR and of the NYU Center for Data Science. 

Emad Mostaque is the Co-Founder and CEO @ StabilityAI, the parent company of Stable Diffusion. Stability are building the foundation to activate humanity’s potential.

Jeff Seibert is the Founder & CEO @ Digits, building the future of AI-powered accounting. Digits have raised funding from the likes of Peter Fenton @ Benchmark and 20VC.

Tomasz Tunguz is the Founder and General Partner @ Theory Ventures, just announced last week, Theory is a $230M fund that invests $1-25m in early-stage companies that leverage technology discontinuities into go-to-market advantages.

Douwe Kiela is the CEO of Contextual AI, building the contextual language model to power the future of businesses.

Cris Valenzuela is the CEO and co-founder of Runway, the company that trains and builds generative AI models for content creation. 

Richard Socher is the founder and CEO of You.com. Richard previously served as the Chief Scientist and EVP at Salesforce. Before that, Richard was the CEO/CTO of AI startup MetaMind, acquired by Salesforce in 2016.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss What Happens Now in AI:

  1. Foundational Models: Analysis
  • Will foundational models become commoditized?
  • Who are the major players? What are their different strengths?
  • Who will win? Who will lose?
  • How important is the size of the model vs the quality of the data?

2. Open vs Closed:

  • What are the biggest pros and cons of an open ecosystem for LLMs?
  • Why is it naive to think that open-source LLMs will prevail?
  • What will determine which method wins?

3. An Analysis of the Incumbents:

  • Why is Google the most vulnerable? What can they do to regain ground?
  • Why is Apple the sleeping giant? How could they win the next wave of AI?
  • What should Amazon do today to compete with Microsoft?

4. The Future: Doom and Gloom?

  • Why is it ridiculous to assume AI systems want to dominate?
  • Why will AI create a renaissance of creativity and human freedom?
  • What role should regulation play in the advancement and progression of AI?

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