20 VC 081: From YC to VC with Weston Gaddy @ Bain Capital Ventures

Posted on 21st October 2015 by Harry


Weston Gaddy is a Senior Principal at Bain Capital Ventures where he focuses on investments in early-stage companies and assists the portfolio operations group. Weston is also a YC alum with Frogmetrics, a handheld survey device company, he co-founded in college and received funding from Founders Fund, Y Combinator and Alexis Ohanian at Reddit. Outisde of the tech and VC world Weston was a Weston worked as a strategy consultant for media, financial service, and consumer product clients at Bain & Company in New York.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Weston make his way into the technology and VC?

2.) What was Weston’s biggest takeaway from the YC experience? Has the experience impacted his investing strategy?

3.) Why is the world of branding changing from dominant players using traditional mainstream channels to a more open opportunity for startups to connect with consumers? What is changing?

4.) On the topic of brand loyalty how brands create brand loyalty in the fickle generation of young millenials often with a mercenary outlook?

5.) What sectors have most opportunity to exploit this revolution in branding? Why do you say those sectors? Have you based any of your investments around these assumptions?

6.) How important is it for VCs to specialize and have superb sector knowledge in something?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Weston’s Fave Book: The Sixth Extinction 

Weston’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: Dan Primack’s TermSheet

Weston’s Most Recent Investment: Jet.com


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