20Growth: How Revolut Acquired Their First 10M Users: Tips, Tactics and Strategies From the Revolut Product & Growth Playbook with Val Scholz, Former Head of Growth @ Revolut

Posted on 21st June 2024 by Vince

Val Scholz is the former Head of Growth @ Revolut, where he led the company to their first 10M users. Post Revolut, Val played a crucial role in scaling several high-growth companies including VEED, Simple & Busuu (exited for $400M). Today, Val is the Head of Growth at Kittl, an intuitive design platform empowering graphic designers.

In Today’s Episode with Val Scholz We Discuss:

1. Lessons from Scaling Revolut to 10M Users

  • What were Val’s biggest takeaways during his time at Revolut?
  • What does Val consider the secret sauce behind Revolut’s success?
  • What did Val think Revolut understood about customers that no other bank did?

2. Behind Revolut’s Growth Playbook

  • What was Val’s best growth decision? What was his worst?
  • Why does Val think most companies don’t do referrals well?
  • What made Revolut’s signup strategy so successful?
  • What are Val’s two ways to master content marketing?
  • Does Val think it’s good to diversify growth channels? When should founders diversify?
  • What are Val’s strategies to make Youtube influencers successful?

3. Product Marketing 101

  • Why does Val think traditional marketing methods are outdated?
  • If traditional marketing methods are outdated, what should startups do instead?
  • What does Val think is the most dangerous myth around product-led growth?
  • What does Val believe are the most common mistakes founders make on optimizing products?

4. Growth Hires: Who, What, When & How

  • When does Val think is the best time to hire a head of growth?
  • What is the profile Val looks for in a growth hire? What traits does he look for?
  • What are the most common reasons founders fail at hiring?
  • How quick does Val know if a new hiring isn’t working out?
  • What does Val think are the biggest red flags to look out for in a CV?
  • How does Val define good culture? Did Revolut have a good culture?

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