20VC: Redpoint’s Tomasz Tunguz on Winning with Data: How To Gain A Competitive Advantage & Dominate Markets with Data and 5 Steps To Create A Data Driven Company

Posted on 12th September 2016 by Harry


Tom Tunguz is a Partner @ Redpoint Ventures, where he has invested in the likes of Axial, DremioExpensify, Electric Imp, Looker, and ThredUP. Tomasz is also the co-author of Winning with Data: Transform Your Culture, Empower Your People, and Shape the Future, which explores the cultural changes big data brings to business, and shows you how to adapt your organization to leverage data to maximum effect. Before joining Redpoint, Tomasz was the product manager for Google’s AdSense social-media products and AdSense internationalization.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) When did Tom perceive the true power of data for the first time?

2.) What is the biggest difference between a company that is data driven and one that is not? What are the inherent benefits and how can non data driven businesses become data driven?

3.) What are the best data driven teams doing to operationalise their data today?

4.) Adam Grant: 8% of job interviews are productive. So what structure can management use to ensure higher efficiency in the hiring process?

5.) What are the complexities and skills required for strong data analysis in today’s environment?

6.) Data often leads to over confidence in decision making, how do you prevent illusion bias once data has been obtained?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Tom’s Most Recent Investment: Dremio

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