The Tiger Global Memo: From Sequoia Capital to Benchmark and Thrive: The World’s Best on the Rise of Tiger Global

Posted on 23rd February 2022 by Harry

Tiger Global are one of the most discussed venture firms on the planet. With a deal cadence and capital deployment speed that is unmatched, they have made their mark on the venture landscape like no other over the last 24 months. Today we are joined by leaders from Sequoia, Benchmark, Thrive Capital, General Atlantic, GGV and Aleph to discuss the rise of Tiger and how it impacts the venture ecosystem.

In Today’s Episode on Tiger Global You Will Learn:

1.) Doug Leone: Sequoia Capital

  • Why we need to change the words when use in venture? Why we need to get rid of “the game”?
  • How does the rise of Tiger compare to the rise of prior entrants with the same approach?
  • Why does Doug believe that the craft of venture will persist despite these new entrants?

2.) Bill Gurley: Benchmark Capital

  • How does Bill analyse the change in late stage venture today?
  • What are the main drivers of the increased competition in late stage venture?
  • Why does Bill get concerned not by Tiger but how others respond to Tiger’s model?
  • How does Bill analyse the entry of hedge funds and PE funds into traditional venture models?

3.) Michael Eisenberg: Aleph

  • How does Michael think about the “weaponisation of capital”?
  • What are the significant benefits for a fund of having more capital than their competitors?
  • How does this capital advantage change in boom and bust times?

4.) Anton Levy: General Atlantic

  • Why does Anton believe that funds are leveraging their assets more efficiently than ever?
  • How does Anton approach the mindset of AUM scaling without lowering returns?
  • Why does Anton never want to compete on price?
  • How does GA think about competing in a world of Tiger and hedge funds investing in tech?

5.) Hans Tung: GGV

  • Why did Hans always believe the model to look at moving forward was Tiger?
  • Why does Tiger’s business model allow them structural and financial advantages over their competitors?
  • What does Hans make of the data network effects of Tiger with their strategy?

6.) Kareem Zaki: Thrive Capital

  • Why does Kareem think Tiger’s approach makes absolute sense?
  • Why does Kareem believe so many in venture like to try and discredit the Tiger model?
  • How does Tiger’s approach differ to Thrive’s?

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