20VC Exclusive: Sahil Bloom on Raising his Debut Venture Fund (SRB Ventures), Why Traditional Venture Firms Are Going to Lose and How Sahil Built a Twitter Audience to 500K+ in 18 Months

Posted on 25th February 2022 by Harry

Sahil Bloom is the Founding Partner @ SRB Ventures, a $10M fund that leverages the 500K followers Sahil has amassed to invest at the intersection of venture and media. Previously, Sahil spent 7 years at a large investment fund managing >$3.5 billion in capital and serves on the board of 4 companies. He has also been an active angel investor in over 30 companies.

In Today’s Episode with Sahil Bloom You Will Learn:

1.) How Sahil made his way from a career in traditional finance to building a media company and leveraging that to raise the latest SRB fund? How does Sahil advise others is the best way to “find their zone of genius”?

2.) How To Build a Media Engine:

  • What have been some of Sahil’s biggest lessons on what works on Twiter and what does not work?
  • What is the golden rule for Twitter?
  • How does Sahil plan and come up with ideas for his Twitter threads? What tools and software does he use? How long does each thread take?

3.) The End of the Road for Traditional Venture:

  • Why does Sahil think traditional venture is dying?
  • What newcomers will take the place of the existing incumbents?
  • Why does he think they are weak? What do new players provide that they do not?
  • Which existing players will remain and be strong? Which will fade out?
  • Does Sahil believe that VCs really provide any value?

4.) SRB Ventures:

  • Why did Sahil decide to raise the new fund?
  • How did he decide on size of the fund? What is the strategy? What is the portfolio construction?
  • How does SRB provide media services others do not?
  • How did Sahil meet Tim Cook? What have been some of his biggest lessons from knowing Tim?
  • What is the biggest thing Sahil believes most people misunderstand about luck?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Sahil Bloom

Sahil’s Favourite Book: When Breath Becomes Air: Kalanithi Paul

Sahil’s Most Recent Investment: Wander

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