20VC Unscripted: Pricing is Crazy, Pre-Emptive Rounds are Normal, Pricing at 200x Revenue Multiple is Common, There is More Cash Than Ever. What Happens Next; Market Analysis with Ryan Denehy, Founder and CEO @ Electric

Posted on 5th November 2021 by Harry

Ryan Denehy is the Founder & CEO @ Electric, the company that provides a modern IT solution that’s simplified. To date, Ryan has raised over $188M for the company from the likes of GGV, Bessemer, Slack Fund, and 01 Advisors to name a few. As for Ryan, he is a 3x entrepreneur with his first company being acquired by USA TODAY Sports and his second company, Swarm Mobile being acquired by Groupon in 2014.

In Today’s Episode with Ryan Denehy You Will Learn:

1.) How Ryan made his way into the world of startups with his first startup being acquired when he was still in college? How have experiences raising $180M with Electric, impacted how he thinks about the venture market today?

2.) Is Ryan concerned by the lack of due diligence investors are doing today? How has the DD process changed over the years? What materials should founders provide to investors? How should founders reference check investors? What do many founders do wrong here?

3.) Should founders always take the most money at the highest price? When thinking about price, what do you founders have to think through? Why are some of the prices we are seeing today so crazy? How can founders outcome scenario plan to come to the best price option? When are founders and investors misaligned when it comes to price?

4.) What does Ryan mean when he says, “sales and product-market fit are more closely related than people think”? How does Ryan advise founders on when to really raise big? Does Ryan believe in the notion of “skipping a round”? Does this ever happen? Does Ryan ever believe the “this will be our last round before we breakeven” statement?

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