20VC: The Biggest Lies of Silicon Valley, Why Entrepreneurship is Not For Everyone, Why VCs are Out of Touch, Why Many Would Be Great Entrepreneurs Will Burn Out, Why You Should Let Your Children Suffer and Why You Will Choose The Wrong Partner with Nick Huber

Posted on 21st August 2023 by Harry

Nick Huber is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and content creator focused on real estate and small business. In the last 9 months, Nick has co-founded 6 companies including RE Cost Set, RecruitJet, Titan Risk, Blue Key Capital, Tax Credit Hunter, and WebRun Labs. His primary business, Bolt Storage, owns 1.8M sqft of self-storage facilities across 62 locations in 11 states. 

In Todays Episode with Nick Huber We Discuss:


  1. What the richest families in the world all understand and what the majority of people forget?
  2. What are the two best ways to make money as an employee? What do most forget/not do?
  3. Why money does make you happy and why society drastically undervalues wealth today?
  4. Why we should not be concerned by the levels of income inequality?

Marriage and Parenting:

5. Why it is BS to not pass your wealth down to your children?
6. Why you have to let your kids suffer in order for them to grow?
7. How do you stop kids from becoming assholes if they are brought up with money?
8. Why the majority of the time, people choose the wrong partner? What should we look for?
9. What is the number one thing you can do to set your child up for success?

Silicon Valley and Entrepreneurship:

10. Why entrepreneurship is not for everyone? Who is it for?

11. Why VCs are out of touch and naive?

12. What is the single biggest lie of Silicon Valley?

13. Why will so many would-be great entrepreneurs burn themselves out when they should not have to?

Management and Brand Building:

14. How to build a brand today? Why you have to be controversial to be interesting?

15. How to deal with hate and criticism? Why you cannot please everybody?

16. Why woke culture can give you an advantage if you do not have it?

17. How to build a strategic network the right way? How to become a card in someone’s rolodex?

18. What is the single worst thing you can do when hiring?

19. What do you do when you lose trust in an employee?

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