20 VC: Niccolo De Masi @ Glu Mobile on Private Market Valuations, Being A Public Market CEO & The Trends Of Mobile Gaming

Posted on 19th February 2016 by Harry


Niccolo De Masi is the CEO & Chairman @ Glu Mobile, one of the world’s hottest gaming companies with title including the current No 1 Game in the App Store with the Kendall and Kylie Game, Glu is also the maker of the Kim Kardashian game and the likes of Deer Hunter and many more. Prior to Glu, Niccolo was CEO at mobile entertainment company Hands On Mobile and before that Niccolo was the CEO at London listed mobile entertainment company, Monstermob Group Plc.

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Niccolo came to be CEO at one of the world’s hottest gaming companies, Glu Mobile?

2.) How did Niccolo make the transition from feature phone business to smartphone business with Glu so successfully? How did Glu’s public market status affect the transition?

3.) How important is transparency within organisations as a leader, whether it be Founder or CEO? What are the important elements to communicate with your team and your investors?

4.) Why are private market valuations so misaligned with the public market? What will happen to the plethora of newly made unicorns?

5.) How does Niccolo source potential acquisition targets, what does he look for in, so called ‘well valued assets’? What makes them well valued?

6.) What is Niccolo’s turnaround strategy for his acquisition targets? How can Glu’s platform elevate companies that are in distress?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

Niccolo’s Fave Book: The Rise and Fall Of The Great Powers 

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