20VC: Getir Founder, Nazim Salur on The Future of Last Mile Convenience, Who Will Win? Lessons on Driver Acquisition and Efficiency, Zone Maturity and Time To Profitability and Scaling to 300 Cities in the US in 2022

Posted on 16th September 2021 by Harry

Nazim Salur is the Founder & CEO of Getir, one of the leading rapid delivery service providers that distributes over 1,500 everyday items within minutes. With an established status in Turkey, where the company trends towards a super-app, and a London launch behind it, Getir has further European and US expansion plans on the horizon. To fuel this expansion, Getir has raised over $1BN from Sequoia and Mike Moritz, Silver Lake, Mubadala, and Tiger Global to name a few. Prior to founding Getir, Nazim launched his first tech startup in 2012, BiTaksi, which brought people taxis in three minutes.

In Today’s Episode with Nazim Salur You Will Learn:

1.) How Nazim made his way into the world of startups with his founding of BiTaksi and how that led to his realization of the need for Getir?

2.) Why does Nazim believe that owning the entire vertical stack is a superior model? What is the selection criteria for the micro-fulfillment sites? What makes one more attractive than another? How does Getir think about the balance between sku minimization and consumer demand? How does Getir think about building defensibility through their warehouse management system?

3.) How did Getir acquire their first drivers? What worked? What did not work? How does their driver acquisition strategy change depending on location? What is the core measurement that Getir uses to measure driver efficiency? What is the secret to driver retention? How has Nazim seen driver acquisition costs change over time in mature markets?

4.) How did Getir acquire their first customers? What is the most important element for consumers; speed or choice? How does Getir think about allocating marketing spend efficiently today? How has Nazim seen CACs change over time with the maturation of markets? With the immense funding for the space, is Nazim concerned about this?

5.) What is the decision-making criteria for what makes an attractive region to expand into? How much capital does it take to launch a new region? What is the time to profitability on each zone? How has this changed over time? How does Nazim think about expansion into the US? What excites him most about the expansion? What elements will be most challenging?

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