20VC: The First ICO Blockchain Incubator Ever, Why ICO’s Will Change The World of Venture As We Know It & How The M&A Market Will Respond To ICO’s with Mike, Jones, Co-Founder @ Science Inc

Posted on 28th August 2017 by Harry

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Mike Jones is the Co-Founder & CEO @ Science Inc, one of America’s most successful incubators with an incredible 3 Science Inc portfolio companies exiting in 2016 alone with the sales of Dollar Shave Club, Hello Society (acquired by NYT) and Famebit (acquired by Google). Science continue to push the frontier of tech with their recent announcement of Science Blockchain, the first ICO blockchain incubator ever, with the ICO pre-sale starting in just 13 days from now. Prior to Science, Mike was the CEO @ MySpace, where he was responsible for one of the most high-profile turn-around challenges in the industry.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Mike made his way from MySpace CEO to founding one of the nation’s most successful startup incubators?

2.) Firstly, what is a token in the world of crypto? How does securitized and utility tokens differ? Why does Mike believe the current state of utility tokens is reminiscent of the early days of domain names?

3.) What are the core barriers to traditional investors transferring assets on mass into crypto? What will be the catalyst causing this asset allocation shift in the future? What needs to happen to crypto for it to be attractive for traditionals?

4.) How have we seen the M&A market respond to tokenization? How can we as an ecosystem look to build a framework and structure that allows for a healthy M&A environment?

5.) With so many ICOs occurring today, what will be the determining factors between those that succeed and those that do not? How can individuals from around the world look to assess potential ICO’s?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Mike’s Fave Book: Ready Player One


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