20VC: The Ultimate Hiring Playbook: Five Questions to Ask Every New Hire | What Makes Truly Great Leaders and How They Give Feedback | Do VCs Really Add Value; Lessons from Hard Fundraises with Matteo Franceschetti, Co-Founder @ Eight Sleep

Posted on 20th November 2023 by Harry

Matteo Franceschetti is the Co-Founder and CEO @ Eight Sleep, a company dedicated to fueling human potential through optimal sleep. To date, Matteo has raised over $160M for the business from the likes of Founders Fund, Ryan Petersen, Naval Ravikant, Kevin Hart, AROD and many more.

In Todays Episode with Matteo Franceschetti We Discuss:

1. Why Did Sleep Need “Solving”:

  • Why did Matteo decide he wanted to spend decades of his life-solving sleep?
  • If Matteo has known how hard it was going to be, would he do it again?
  • What does Matteo know now that he wishes he had known at the start of the journey?

2. Hiring the Best Team:

  • What is Matteo’s playbook for hiring?
  • What are the five questions that Matteo asks in every interview?
  • What are big red flags? What are strong signals of great talent?
  • If people have been let go in a RIFF, is that a concern?
  • How does Matteo construct hiring panels? What vote count is enough for an approved hire?
  • What are Matteo’s biggest lessons on title and pay a new hire receives?
  • What are some of Matteo’s biggest lessons when it comes to firing people?

3. Funding the Business:

  • What was the hardest round to raise? Why?
  • Are investors justified in their skepticism of hardware?
  • What are the single biggest pieces of advice Matteo would give to founders on raising?
  • How impactful has it been having Keith Rabois and Founders Fund as an investor?
  • Do VCs really add value?

4. Mastering Health, Sleep and Nutrition:

  • How does your diet impact the quality of sleep you have?
  • How does exercise and the time of exercise impact your sleep?
  • What are some common rules on sleep that are BS and myths?
  • What are some of the most non-obvious truths about getting great sleep?

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