20VC: Oscar Health: How to Deal with a 94% Decline in Market Cap, “Why I Stood Aside as CEO” and The Rebound Journey to $5.8BN in Revenue with Mario Schlosser, Co-Founder @ Oscar Health

Posted on 5th April 2024 by Harry

Mario Schlosser is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Oscar Health. The public company that went public with a market cap of $7.1BN. Following a tumultuous time in the markets, their stock price dropped 94%. Today, the company has rebounded and has a market cap of $3.2BN with an astonishing $5.8BN of revenues. Before co-founding Oscar, Mario also co-founded the largest social gaming company in Latin America.

In Today’s Episode with Mario Schlosser We Discuss:

1. From German Middle-Class to Public Company Founder:

  • How did Mario make his way into the world of tech and come to co-found Oscar with Josh Kushner?
  • Does Mario agree with Jensen Huang that “we should all have lower expectations”?
  • What does Mario know now that he wishes he had known when he started Oscar?

2. Why Did Oscar Tank 94% in the Public Markets:

  • What was the core reason why Oscar tanked 94% in the markets?
  • What would Mario have done differently knowing all he knows now about public markets?
  • Does Mario regret going public? What are the biggest pros and cons?

3. The Mental Challenge of a 94% Market Cap Decline:

  • How did Mario mentally deal with the company being down 94%?
  • What does he say to himself in the truly hard times?
  • How did Mario use his co-founder, a coach and his family, to get through the really bad times?
  • What are Mario’s experiences like with anti-depressants? What worked? What did not?

4. Firing Yourself as CEO:

  • Why did Mario decide to step aside as CEO? What was the decision-making process?
  • On reflection, does Mario think he was a good CEO? Where was he good? Where was he bad?
  • What are the biggest management pieces of advice that Mario thinks are BS?

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