20VC Exclusive: Sequoia’s Luciana Lixandru Unveils Sequoia’s New 8 Week Accelerator, Arc | Biggest Takeaways from Working with Doug Leone and Roelof Botha | The Journey From a Small Town In Romania to Partner @ Sequoia

Posted on 21st March 2022 by Harry

Luciana Lixandru is a Partner @ Sequoia, one of the world’s most renowned and successful venture firms with Sequoia-backed companies accounting for more than 20% of NASDAQ’s total value. As for Luciana, at Sequoia she has led investments in the likes of PennyLane, Xentral, Veed and Ledgy to name a few. Prior to joining Sequoia in 2020, Luciana was a Partner @ Accel where she made investments in Hopin, Miro, UiPath, Tessian and Deliveroo. As a result of such investing success, Luciana was #2 on the Midas List in 2021.

In Today’s Episode with Luciana Lixandru You Will Learn:

1.) Origins:

  • How did Luciana make her way from a small town in Romania to being Partner @ Sequoia?
  • What were the 1-2 crucible moments in her life that changed the course of her life?

2.) Luciana: The Investor

  • How has Luciana’s investing style changed and developed over the years?
  • How does Luciana reflect on her own relationship to price? What misses caused these changes?
  • Hopin, Miro, Deliveroo, UiPath, how did having such winners so early impact Luciana’s investing mindset?
  • What would Luciana say is her biggest insecurity today? What drives this?

3.) Sequoia: The Team

  • What are Luciana’s biggest takeaways from working with Doug Leone, Alfren Lin, Roelof Botha and Pat Grady?
  • What does the decision-making process look like for new deals within Sequoia?
  • How does the Sequoia partnership create an environment of safety where everyone can discuss and debate freely?
  • How does Luciana approach training and mentorship? What works and what does not?

4.) Sequoia in Europe + Sequoia’s Arc:

  • What is Arc? Why was now the right time for Sequoia to do it?
  • What is the structure for the program?
  • How many startups are part of it? Who is able to apply?
  • How much capital do the startups receive? What else do they receive in mentoring etc?
  • In 5 years time, what would success look like for Luciana with Arc?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Luciana Lixandru

Luciana’s Favourite Book: The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War

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