20VC: Why Market Matters So Much More Than Founding Team | Why Crypto Investing is Less Collaborative Than Ever | Why Bitcoin is Not a Hedge Against Inflation | Why Solana Will Beat Ethereum | The Network Effects You Need To Understand with Kyle Samani, Co-Founder @ Multicoin Capital

Posted on 22nd July 2022 by Harry

Kyle Samani is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ Multicoin Capital, one of the leading crypto native funds of the last decade with positions in Solana, FTX, Fractal, and Helium to name a few. As for Kyle, before moving to the world of venture and crypto, he founded Pristine, a health IT startup that raised more than $5M in VC, and was acquired by Upskill.

In Today’s Episode With Kyle Samani We Discuss:

1.) The Founding of Multicoin Capital:

  • How did Kyle make his way from a healthcare startup to founding Multicoin?
  • What was his a-ha moment with the realization of the opportunity we have ahead of us in crypto?
  • What does Kyle know now that he wishes he had known when he started Multicoin?

2.) Crypto Investing in 2022:

  • Why does Kyle believe the crypt investing landscape is less collaborative than ever?
  • What are the biggest challenges of token issuances today?
  • How does the option of liquidity help and hurt Kyle’s investor psychology?
  • Is Kyle concerned the volatility in the market will harm institutional investor sentiment for crypto?

3.) Constructing a Crypto Portfolio in 2022:

  • Why does Kyle not believe in temporal diversification?
  • Why does sector-centric company diversification suck?
  • Why are the loss ratios in crypto so much lower than in traditional venture?
  • Why does Kyle believe a no reserves model is optimal in crypto?

4.) Multicoin vs Traditional Venture Firms:

  • Why does Kyle believe that every person over 10 people in a venture firm is a net negative towards the investment decision-making process?
  • What do Kyle and Multicoin do reach the truth together? How do they aggressively use writing and word docs to progress their thoughts?
  • Their discussions are “brutal”, how brutal can one be in a discussion on a deal? How does one make team members feel safe but also really push them for the truth and debate?

Item’s Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Kyle’s Favourite Recent Reading: Eugene Wei

Kyle’s Most Recent Investment: Delphia

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