FF 017: Kuan Huang, Founder @ Poncho

Posted on 16th October 2015 by Harry


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Kuan Huang, is the Founder of Poncho an internally built company at Betaworks. A simpler weather service with a personality, delivered to you every day. Prior to creating Poncho, Kuan was a Hacker in residence at Betaworks and as he describes the luckiest engineer at Hatch Labs a mobile focused startup incubator funded by IAC.

I would like to direct your attention to one of Betaworks investments on the west coast in the amazing ProductHunt, and you must check out ProductHunt’s new podcast section, which is the best discovery platform for finding new and amazing podcast episodes!


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Kuan get into the world of Betaworks and what was Kuan’s aha moment for Poncho?

2.) What was wrong with weather apps when Kuan started Poncho? What made Kuan think there was a gap in the market?

3.) Kuan said in an interview with TechCrunch “The core objective is to have Poncho become a default part of your routine,” How has Kuan gone about to ensure that there are habit forming functions in poncho? What makes the user come back? Does Kuan prefer mass market testing or niche 100 person testing?

4.) What role does Betaworks play in the development of Poncho? What are the main value adds of being a Betaworks company?

5.) Looking back at the Poncho journey so far, what were the breakthrough moments where progress was really made? What were the most challenging elements and how did Kuan overcome them?

6.) What would Kuan advise a founder looking to work with Betaworks? Is there anything they can do to increase their chances of a collaboration?


Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Kuan’s Fave Reading Material: Medium, Instapaper

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