20VC: Predictions for 2024: What Happens to Early Stage VC Funding, What do LPs Do in 2024, Does Figma Kill the M&A Market, Will IPOs Comeback & What Does a Trump Administration do for Startups with Jason Lemkin @ SaaStr

Posted on 4th January 2024 by Harry

Joining Harry in the hot seat today is Jason Lemkin, Founder @ SaaStr and one of the OG SaaS investors of the last decade. The discussion today is broken into two segments:

2023: A Year in Review:

  • Breakout company
  • Best early-stage fund
  • Best late-stage fund
  • Most surprising event
  • Founder of the Year

2024: Predictions: What is to Come:

  • Does the IPO window open?
  • Do Stripe, Databricks, and more go public?
  • What happens to early-stage venture markets?
  • Does the growth stage come roaring back?
  • What happens to the M&A market?
  • How does Trump change the startup ecosystem?
  • Will a generation of young VCs be washed out the system?
  • Will a ton of venture firms shut down?

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