20VC: The Secret to Negotiating; Making $50BN for Yahoo on Alibaba | Why Everything You Know About Hiring is Wrong; Domain Knowledge and Past Experience are Dangerous | The Next 10 Years for Fintech; Winners, Losers and Crypto with Jackie Reses

Posted on 31st March 2023 by Harry

Jackie Reses is the Chair and CEO of Lead Bank, a community bank in Kansas City.  Previously, she was the Executive Chairman of Square Financial Services and Capital Lead and Head of the People Team at Block Inc (Square). Prior, she had leadership positions at Yahoo! and was a Partner at Apax Partners Worldwide. Jackie also spent seven years at Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions and the principal investment area. Jackie is on the board of directors of Endeavor, Affirm and Nubank. Previously, she served on the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group. She has been named one of Forbes’ “Self Made Women”, Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,”  and American Banker “Most Powerful Woman in Finance”. 

Episode Transcript

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In Today’s Episode with Jackie Reses We Discuss:

1. From Humble Beginnings to “Most Powerful Woman in Finance”:

  • What is Jackie running from?
  • How did Jackie’s upbringing impact her approach to business and management today?
  • What does jackie know now that she wishes she had known when she started her career?

2. Building the Best Teams: Lessons from Square and Yahoo

  • Why does Jackie believe that past experience is BS in hiring candidates for a role?
  • Why does Jackie deliberately not look for domain knowledge when hiring?
  • Why does Jackie believe employers should tell candidates what they suck at in hiring?
  • What does Jackie mean when she says, “you have to invest in people for 20 years”?

3. The Best Deal-Maker in the Business: Secret to Negotiating:

  • What does Jackie believe is the secret to successful negotiations?
  • How did Jackie do the Alibaba deal for Yahoo and make $50BN for them?
  • Why does Jackie believe the Laffonts and Coatue are the best risk managers?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make in deal-making today?

4. The Next Wave of Fintech:

  • Who wins and who loses in the next wave of fintech?
  • What will happen to the crypto industry? How will crypto be regulated?
  • Why does Jackie believe that financial super apps are BS?
  • Why does Jackie believe that Goldman tried and failed to innovate?
  • Will we see a wave of M&A in fintech over the coming years?

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