20Product: Snap’s VP Product on How Snap Hires 10x Product People, What Makes Evan Spiegel So Special at Product, Three Ways to Prioritise Product Ideas in Teams, The Future of AR, Why Snap Glasses Will be Huge and Snap Will Be Massive in Japan with Jack Brody

Posted on 26th April 2023 by Harry

Jack Brody is the VP Product @ Snap. Jack joined Snap in 2014 as a Product Designer, and ultimately helped build out the design organization as the Head of Design before taking on his current role overseeing all of Product for the Snapchat application and Hardware. In his 9 years at Snap, he helped create Memories, the Snap Map, and AR Lenses like Face Swap.

Episode Transcript

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In Today’s Episode with Jack Brody We Discuss:

  1. The Shortest Internship in Tech:
  • How did Jack get an internship with Evan Spiegel and Snap while he was still at college?
  • How did it turn into the shortest internship in tech history?
  • What are the single biggest product lessons Jack has from working with Evan Spiegel?

2. Product 101: Art vs Science:

  • Does Jack believe product is more art or science? If he were to assign numbers to them, what would they be?
  • How does Jack define creativity? What can founders and product leaders do to ensure their teams are as creative as possible?
  • What is the 3 step framework through which product leaders should prioritize product ideas?
  • Does Jack believe that when the CEO is no longer the Head of Product, the company is dead?
  • Does Jack agree with Gustav Soderstrom, “talk is cheap, so we should do more of it”?

3. The SNAP Hiring Process: What Works and What Does Not:

  • What is the hiring process for the product team at SNAP?
  • What questions are most revealing of 10x product people in the interview process?
  • What case studies and tests does Jack use in the interview process?
  • What other roles and functions does Jack bring into the interview process as part of the decision?
  • What are the single biggest mistakes founders make in the hiring process for product?

4. SNAP, The Future, and The World Around Us:

  • What do Jack and SNAP believe will be the future for augmented reality?
  • What country is SNAP not big in today but will be in the next 5 years? Why that one?
  • Why did SNAP tear down its android app and start again? What has been the impact?
  • Were the SNAP glasses a success? What is their future?

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