20Product: Enterprises are not Adopting AI Yet, When Will AI Break Into Enterprise, What are the Blockers, What Do Enterprises Need from AI & Why Services Companies Will Win in the Next 10 Years of AI Implementation with Howie Liu, Founder & CEO @ Airtable

Posted on 25th August 2023 by Harry

Howie Liu is the Founder and CEO @ Airtable, the fastest way to build apps for your business. To date, Howie has raised over $1BN with Airtable with the last round valuing the company at $11BN and an investor base including Benchmark, Thrive, Caffeinated, Greenoaks and Coatue to name a few.

In Todays Episode with Howie Liu We Discuss:

1. Scaling into Enterprise:

  • What are the single biggest challenges when moving from PLG to enterprise?
  • Why does Howie believe you have only truly hit enterprise when you sign $1M contracts?
  • How long did it take for Airtable to sign their first $1M ARR contract?
  • How can founders know when is the right time to scale into enterprise?
  • How does the product need to change with the scaling?

2. Enterprises: Do They Really Love AI:

  • Why does Howie believe that enterprises are not jumping on AI yet?
  • When does enterprise interest turn into enterprise buying and purchasing?
  • What are the single biggest barriers to enterprises buying AI solutions today?
  • Post-purchase, what are the biggest implementation challenges for enterprises with AI?

3. The Changing Sales Process:

  • Are we seeing the bundling of tools within large enterprises today?
  • Which categories and vendors are most vulnerable? Which will survive the cuts?
  • What do vendors need to do to prove to CFOs that they need to remain in their budget?
  • How has the customer success process changed over the last year with tightening budgets?

4. Howie Liu: AMA:

  • Airtable famously got Benchmark to lead their Series C, how did this come to be when they famously always only do Series A?
  • Why does Howie believe that it is total BS to suggest post-PMF, everything is good?
  • What does Howie know now that he wishes he had known when he started Airtable?

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