20VC Roundtable: Spotify, Adobe and Linkedin CPOs on How AI Changes The Future of Product and Design, Why AI is Now the Product, How TikTok Changed Product Forever, Why Cost is the Biggest Barrier to LLM Usage & Why Incumbents Can Adopt AI Faster Than Any Prior Innovation Cycle

Posted on 20th December 2023 by Harry

Gustav Söderström is the Co-President, CPO & CTO at Spotify. Gustav has been instrumental in taking Spotify from a 30-person operation in Sweden when he joined to being the global leader of the space.

Scott Belsky is Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud. Scott oversees all of product and engineering for Creative Cloud, as well as design for Adobe. 

Tomer Cohen is the Chief Product Officer @ Linkedin where he is responsible for setting and executing the global product strategy at LinkedIn.

In Today’s Episode on How AI Changes The Future of Product and Design We Discuss:

1. Why AI Is Now the Product that UI Serves:

  • Why does Gustav believe that AI is now the product?
  • How has the importance of UI changed with the rise of AI?
  • How did TikTok change the product paradigm over the last few years?

2. What Matters More Models or Data:

  • What is more important the size of the model or the amount of data a company has?
  • Will companies use many models at the same time?
  • Why will companies using many models at once create a huge opportunity for startups?
  • Will every company have their own model? What will be the decision-making framework of whether to have your own model or leverage another?
  • How does the rise of AI change how companies approach data acquisition, collection and cleaning?

3. The Workforce Needs to Change with AI:

  • How do product leaders and teams need to change in an AI-first world?
  • What do designers need to do to stay up to date in an AI-first world?
  • What does it mean to be good at prompting? How can people get good at prompting?
  • Why will AI kill companies that charge by the hour?
  • Why will seat pricing die in a world of AI? What will be the business model for AI?

4. Incumbents vs Startups: Who Wins:

  • Do incumbents win in a world of AI or do startups?
  • Why is AI primed for incumbents to win and move fast in a way they could not in prior technology cycles?
  • What are the biggest hurdles and challenges incumbents have to face that startups do not?
  • What are the biggest barriers that startups have to win in a world of AI that incumbents do not have?

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