20VC: Scaling to $2BN AUM in 3 years, Fundraising Lessons and Tactics from 2,500 LP Meetings & What it Takes to Build a Firm That Stands the Test of Time with Harley Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ Left Lane Capital

Posted on 2nd May 2022 by Harry

Harley Miller is the Founder and Managing Partner @ Left Lane Capital, one of the fastest growing growth equity firms of the last five years. Just yesterday, Left Lane announced the closing of their new fund taking their AUM to over $2BN with an early portfolio including M1 Finance, Masterworks, Choco, GoStudent, to name a few. Prior to founding Left Lane, Harley spent over 9 years at Insight Partners investing in the likes of DeliveryHero, HelloFresh, N26, Calm, Udemy and many more breakout companies.

In Today’s Episode with Harley Miller You Will Learn:

1.) Origins into Venture:

  • How Harley made his way into the world of venture with his first role at Insight?
  • What were Harley’s biggest lessons and takeaways from 10 years at Insight?

2.) Left Lane: Fundraising

  • What are harley’s biggest takeaways on fundraising from speaking to 2,500 LPs for Left Lane I?
  • With that experience in mind, what advice does Harley give to other first time fund managers on what it takes to raise successfully?
  • How did the Left Lane pitch to LPs change over time? What worked? What did not work?
  • With the benefit of hindsight, what fundraising elements would Harley have done differently?

3.) Left Lane: Firm Building

  • What are the hardest elements of building a firm today?
  • How did Harley navigate the transition from investor to fund manager? What was challenging?
  • What is Harley’s biggest advice to young people in venture looking to scale their career fast?
  • What are 1-2 core inputs aspiring VCs should focus on as they build their career?

4.) Left Lane: Investing and Consumer

  • How does Harley approach portfolio construction with the new fund?
  • How does Harley think through outcome scenario planning and ownership requirements with the new fund?
  • How does Harley think traditional growth equity models can be applied to consumer investing?
  • What will Left Lane be in 20 years? What firm does Harley want to build?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Harley Miller

Harley’s Most Recent Investment: Masterworks

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