20VC: How Startups & VCs Can Build Relationships with Potential Corporate Acquirers? The Challenge Of Operating Both A B2B & B2C Business Model & Why Fundraising Is The One Element Founders Cannot Control with Gautam Gupta, Founder & CEO @ NatureBox

Posted on 13th February 2017 by Harry

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Gautam Gupta is the Co-Founder and CEO of NatureBox, the startup allows consumers to discover new & healthy foods through a monthly subscription service. They have raised over $50m in VC funding from the likes of General Catalyst, Redpoint, SoftBank and many more. Prior to launching NatureBox, Gautam was a Principal at General Catalyst Partners. While at General Catalyst, he sourced and was actively involved with the firm’s investments in GoodData, Bigcommerce, Honest Company and many more. Gautam joined General Catalyst from Procter and Gamble, where he analyzed brand strategy and consumer preferences in the Consumer Market Knowledge group.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Gautam made the way from VC with General Catalyst to Founder of NatureBox?

2.) How does Gautam view the career VC we see often today? Does Gautam believe you need operating experience to be a good investor? How can investors without operating experience, build empathy for their founders?

3.) Why did Gautam choose to pursue both a B2B and B2C go to market strategy? How do the 2 models differ? What are the challenges and benefits to running both simultaneously?

4.) How does Gautam evaluate the rise of consumer subscription models? Following Jet and Dollar Shave, will we see further acquisitions from large CPG’s?

5.) Why have we seen such a rise in investor appetite for food startups? What is it about the market that is so attractive? What elements will see the most disruption? Does it concern Gautam to see traditional tech investors moving into waters they are unfamiliar with?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Gautam’s Fave Book: Shoe Dog

Gautam’s Fave Blog: Recode, TechCrunch

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