20VC: Sprig’s Gagan Biyani on The 3 Principles Of Fundraising and Building The World’s Largest Restaurant

Posted on 8th April 2016 by Harry

Gagan Biyani is the CEO and Co-Founder @ Sprig, on a mission to build the world’s largest restaurant providing healthy and sustainable food. Sprig has attained funding from the likes of Greylock Partners, Accel and Battery Partners. Prior to Sprig, Gagan was the Interim Head of Marketing @ Lyft, where he wrote the first Lyft new market launch playbook and launched Lyft LA. Before that Gagan, was the Co-Founder and CEO of the world’s largest online teaching and learning marketplace with the founding of Udemy.
In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) What was the origin story for Sprig? What was the aha moment?

2.) Question from Josh Elman: What lessons have Sprig and Gagan learnt from Chipotle, both in terms of their growth and their food?

3.) What are the coolest things that Gagan has learnt about foods that have learnt and not worked from user and product testing?

4.) On TWIST Gagan stated that the food delivery market is a winner take all market , so what makes Gagan believe that and what will ensure that Sprig is the startup that will be victorious?

5.) How do Sprig address expansion theory? Are they the Uber or the Lyft in terms of aggressive market expansion? How do Sprig choose which new market to enter? Is there a scientific approach?

6.) From having raised 9 rounds of VC and angel funding, what are Gagan’s biggest tips and takeaways to anyone entering the VC or funding process?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

Gagan’s’s Fave Book:

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