20VC: Ed Cooke

Posted on 18th November 2016 by Harry
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Ed Cooke is the Founder & CEO @ Memrise, the app that makes learning languages joyful and they have funding from some of the best including Lerer Hippeau, Balderton Capital and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg just to name a few. As for Ed, he must have the most diverse background of any guest as he is a former grandmaster of memory, is a prominent author and features heavily in the book, Moonwalking With Einstein, in which Ed was the memory coach for Josh Foer where he took Josh from beginner to US memory champion in just 1 year.
In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Ed went from being a Grandmaster of Memory to a startup founder with Memrise?

2.) What is the essence of learning? How does Ed break down the process? Does the segmentation of these parts allow you to optimise certain elements?

3.) What are the prospect ahead for the world of Edtech? Was Tim Berners-Lee right to say that the web has some way from fulfilling it’s potential?

4.) How important is gamification for the future of EdTech? How does this affect retention? How does this affect monetisation and conversion?

5.) How does Ed believe AI will integrate into the future of EdTech? What kinds of intelligence will be able to be created?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: 

Ed’s Fave Blog: Continuations by Albert Wenger

Ed’s Fave Book: From Dawn To Decadence

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