20Growth: Five Key Functions of a Growth Team, The Biggest Lessons Starting Uber’s Growth Team and Scaling Facebook’s, How To Structure The Hiring Process for Growth and What Separates Good From Great in Growth Leaders with Ed Baker, Former VP of Growth @ Uber

Posted on 16th February 2022 by Harry

Ed Baker is an angel investor and growth advisor to various startups including Lime, Zwift, Whoop, Crimson Education, GoPeer, and Playbook. Ed was the VP of Product and Growth at Uber from 2013-2017. Prior to Uber, Ed was the Head of International Growth at Facebook, a company he joined after they acquired a startup he co-founded called Friend.ly, which had grown to over 25 million users.

In Today’s Episode with Ed Baker You Will Learn:

1.) Ed Baker: Entry into Growth:

  • How Ed made his way into the world of growth from his start founding a dating site while at Harvard?
  • How he made his way to lead international growth at Facebook? How his time with Facebook led to his joing Uber to start Uber’s growth team?
  • What were Ed’s biggest lessons from Uber and Facebook? How did his approach to growth and mindset change as a result of his time there?

2.) When is the Right Time:

  • When is the right time for startups to hire their first growth leads or reps?
  • How should they determine whether to promote from within or hire externally?
  • What are the biggest mistakes startups make on the timing of this hire?
  • How can startups accurately assess whether they have product-market-fit?

3.) Who To Hire:

  • Step by step, how does Ed structure the interview process for all new growth hires?
  • What are the must ask questions for growth leaders to ask candidates in interviews?
  • What are the clear signs and answers that suggest a 10x growth hire?
  • What literal tests does Ed do to determine the quality of a hire? How do the best perform?

4.) Onboarding and Integration:

  • What is the optimal onboarding process for all new growth hires?
  • How do the best growth hires start in the first 60 days? What do they achieve?
  • What are some of the early signs that a growth hire is not working out?
  • How should the relationship be between the CEO and the Head of Growth?
  • How can the Head of Growth foster a strong relationship between growth and product teams?

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