20Sales: Why Everyone is Responsible for Demand Generation, How to do Great Sales Discovery, How to Reduce Sales Cycles and Create Urgency and Deal Reviews; Good and Bad Reasons to Lose a Deal with Doug Adamic, CRO @ Brex

Posted on 8th September 2023 by Harry

Doug Adamic is the CRO @ Brex and leads the company’s revenue and growth strategy. Prior to Brex, Doug was most recently the Chief Revenue Officer at SAP Concur, a provider of travel spend management solutions and services. During his 16-year tenure oversaw an organization of 600+ employees. He was responsible for all aspects of revenue, generating go-to-market strategies and departments. Prior to SAP Concur, he had a five-year tenure as an Enterprise Sales Manager for Kronos, Inc.

In Today’s Episode with Doug Adamic We Discuss:

1. Entry into Sales:

  • Does Doug believe that love of sales is innate or can be learned? When did he discover his love?
  • What does Doug know now about sales he wish he had known when he started?
  • What are 1-2 of his biggest takeaways from leading 600+ people at SAP?

2. Discovery, Pipeline and Qualification:

  • What are the three core reasons why companies buy software today? How do the best sales teams use those needs to get deals done fast?
  • What does great sales discovery mean today? Why do you have to make customers feel uncomfortable to understand their true needs?
  • What are the biggest mistakes sales teams make when asking questions, determining customer pain, willingness to pay etc etc?
  • Why does Doug believe that everyone in the company is responsible for demand creation?
  • What are the core pillars to success in qualification? Where do so many go wrong?

3. Getting Deals Done:

  • Why does Doug disagree that now is the hardest time to be selling? Are companies buying new software today?
  • What is the secret to opening up organizations that say they are not open for buying new software?
  • How can sales teams create multiple champions in a prospect? How can they determine who is really a buyer vs who is an influencer in a prospect?
  • What are the biggest tactics that can be used to reduce sales cycles and create urgency in a sales process?

4. Discounting, Trust and Deal Reviews:

  • What is a good reason to lose a deal?
  • What is a bad reason to lose a deal?
  • How does Doug and Brex conduct deal reviews? What makes a good vs a bad deal review?
  • What is the fastest way to lose trust either with prospects or with customers?
  • Why does Doug believe discounting is BS and should not be used?

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