20VC: HelloFresh CEO on Why When You Raise VC You Only Have Two Options, Why Your IPO Price is Irrelevant, Why Timing is So Important in Going Public & Why D2C is Not Dead with Dominik Richter

Posted on 1st December 2023 by Harry

Dominik Richter is the Founder & CEO @ HelloFresh, one of the largest direct-to-consumer businesses of the last decade and the #1 recipe box delivery service. Fun fact, two of the three biggest cooking facilities in North America are HelloFresh facilities with the third being Disney World Orlando. Dominik has made over 40 angel investments in the EU and the US.

In Today’s Episode with Dominik Richter We Discuss:

1. The Founding of One of the Largest D2C Companies:

  • How did Dominik’s dreams of being a footballer translate to founding HelloFresh?
  • What does he know now that he wishes he had known when he started?
  • Why does Dominik respect the brands that large banks have built?

2. To Raise or Not to Raise:

  • Why does Dominik believe when you raise VC, you either have to sell or go public?
  • What are the single biggest differences between raising in the US vs Europe?
  • What are Dominik’s biggest pieces of advice to founders raising today?
  • Why does Dominik believe so many of the D2C companies should not have raised venture funding?

3. The IPO: When, How and Why:

  • Why did Dominik decide to IPO the business so early?
  • Why does Dominik believe that the first-day trading price is irrelevant?
  • Why does Dominik believe that timing is so important when going public?
  • What are the biggest pros and cons of being public?

4. The Rise and Fall of D2C:

  • D2C has been crushed lately, why? Is this the end of D2C as a category?
  • Is D2C an investable category for VC? HelloFresh is one of the biggest and $2.5BN market cap?
  • What have been the best and worst resource allocations Dominik has made?
  • Do recessions help or hurt recipe box businesses?

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