20VC: Framework For Hiring The Best Talent 100% Remotely, Raising $32M From Benchmark and GV Pre-Launch and How To Think Through Capital Efficiency and Runway Today with Jeff Seibert and Wayne Chang, Co-Founders @ Digits

Posted on 1st May 2020 by Harry

Wayne Chang and Jeff Seibert are the co-founders @ Digits, the company that gives you a complete, real-time understanding of your expenses, all in just a few clicks. To date, Wayne and Jeff have raised over $32M for Digits from some of the best in the business including Peter Fenton @ Benchmark and Jess Verrilli @ GV and then with the most incredible base of angels with the founders from Box, Github, Stitch Fix, Tinder, Gusto and more. Prior to Digits, Wayne and Jeff co-founded Crashlytics, acquired by Twitter for a 9-figure sum in Jan 2013 and then acquired from Twitter by Google in 2017. If that was not enough they are also LPs in some of the world’s most exclusive funds and angels in the likes of Gusto, OpenDoor and SoFi to name a few.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How did Jeff and Wayne make their way into the world of tech and startups? How did Wayne crashing a startup dinner start everything for them?

2.) How did Jeff and Wayne’s prior success with Crashlytics impact their operating mindset scaling Digits today? What worked? What did not work? What gets easier with time? What gets harder the second time around?

3.) What have been Wayne and Jeff’s biggest lessons from having a remote team from Day 1? What structure and framework do they use to hire the best remote talent? How does that change at the exec level? How do they think about optimising product management for remote teams?

4.) How would Wayne and Jeff summarise their design philosophy with Digits? Why does Wayne believe “minimalism only favours the designer”? When does it make sense to actually add some complexity to your product?

5.) Digits raised $33M pre-launch, why did they favour this approach? How do they think about when to transition from lean and iterative to aggressive and pouring fuel on the fire? Why did they choose to work with Peter Fenton? How do they think about optimising their angel network?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Wayne’s Fave BookEnders Game

Jeff’s Fave Book: Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs

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