Unity 3D’s David Helgason on Building a $bn Business, Getting Funded By Sequoia and Powering The Pokemon Revolution

Posted on 22nd July 2016 by Harry

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David Helgason is the Founder and Board Member @ Unity 3D. The company that recently announced a new $181m Series C, valuing the company at $1.5bn. Unity’s platform has revolutionized the game industry by allowing any size studio from Indie to Triple-A to create beautiful and compelling games and experiences and monetize them with their advertising and analytics services. As for David, he served as CEO of Unity from its founding in 2003 right up until 2014 taking the company through numerous funding rounds including from the one and only Sequoia Capital.

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How David came to found Unity 3D?

2.) How pivotal was the rise of the App stores to the rise of Unity 3D? What does David make of Apple’s recent announcement to add paid search and subscription pricing?

3.) How does David evaluate the current gaming landscape? What does he not like about the industry and how the major players are operating?

4.) What are David’s thoughts on the emerging platforms like AR and VR? How does he incorporate them into Unity’s future product roadmap?

5.) How was the fundraising process for David with Unity? How did the Sequoia investment happen and what has it been like to work with them and Roelof Botha?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

David’s Fave Book: Guns, Germs & Steel 

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