20VC: Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi on Why Uber Eats is Not Losing the Fight to Doordash | Uber’s M&A Strategy; A Scorecard Analysis from Careem to Postmates & Skip | Why Uber’s Investment in Scooters was a Mistake | Secret to Marriage, Parenting & High Performance

Posted on 27th March 2023 by Harry

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber, where he has managed the company’s business in more than 70 countries around the world since 2017. Dara was previously CEO of Expedia, which he grew into one of the world’s largest online travel companies. Dara was promoted to Expedia CEO after serving as the Chief Financial Officer of IAC Travel. Before joining IAC, Dara served as Vice President of Allen & Company and spent a number of years as an analyst. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Expedia and Catalyst.org and was previously on the board of the New York Times Company.

Episode Transcript

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In Today’s Episode with Dara Khosrowshahi We Discuss:

1. From the Iranian Revolution to One of the Most Powerful CEOs:

  • What is Dara running from? What is he running towards?
  • How did seeing his family lose everything impact his mindset to life and business?
  • What are 1-2 of Dara’s biggest lessons from working with the legendary Barry Diller?
  • How did Daniel Ek @ Spotify convince Dara to take the CEO role at Uber?

2. Dara Khosrowshahi: The Foundations of Great Leadership:

  • What does high performance in business mean to Dara?
  • Does Dara agree, “the best CEOs are the best resource allocators”?
  • Does Dara believe he is a better peacetime or wartime CEO? Which is he at Uber?
  • What decision-making framework does Dara use to make really hard decisions?
  • How does Dara does what to focus on and what to prioritise?

3. Investments and Acquisitions: The Scorecard:

  • Why did Dara decide to make the Careem acquisition? Has it been successful?
  • What was the thinking behind the Postmates acquisition?
  • What does Dara believe is the single best acquisitions he has made at Uber?
  • What has been the worst acquisition he has made at Uber?
  • Why does Dara believe that Uber entering scooters was a mistake?

4. The Future: Food Delivery, Parenting, Marriage:

  • What does Dara say to those who suggest Uber Eats has lost the war to Doordash?
  • What does Dara believe is the secret to a happy marriage?
  • How does Dara define great parenting? What does Dara do to be the best father he can be?
  • What would Dara like to improve or change about himself? Why?

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