20 Sales: How To Build Sales Teams with a Product-Led-Growth GTM, What is a Sales Hiring Scorecard and How To Construct Yours & How To Structure the Onboarding Process for all New Sales Hires with Dannie Herzberg, Partner @ Sequoia Capital

Posted on 2nd February 2022 by Harry

Dannie Herzberg is a Partner @ Sequoia Capital and one of the great sales leaders of the last decade. Prior to entering the world of venture, Dannie spent 4 years at Slack as their Head of Enterprise Sales, there Dannie built & scaled the self-serve / SMB, mid-market, and enterprise sales orgs across the Americas as Slack grew from $100M – $1B in revenue. Before Slack, Dannie spent over 5 years at Hubspot building sales, opening an SF office, and then joining product to launch CRM & platform.

In Today’s Episode with Dannie Herzberg You Will Learn:

1.) How Dannie got her first job in sales at Hubspot through being a waitress in a Boston Diner? What were her biggest lessons from her 5 years scaling sales at Hubspot? How did Dannie’s 4 years at Slack impact her operating and sales mindset today?

2.) The Playbook:

  • Does the founder need to be the one to create the sales playbook?
  • When is the right time to bring in the first sales hire? Should they be a sales leader or rep?
  • When is the right time to bring in a CRO, sales enablement and revenue ops?
  • What are the single biggest mistakes founders make when hiring their first in sales?

3.) The Hiring Process:

  • How should founders structure the hiring process for their first sales hires?
  • What should be achieved or learned in each consecutive interview?
  • How can founders use sales case studies most effectively?
  • What are early signs of a 10x sales hire? What are red flags to look out for in the process?

4.) Sales Onboarding:

  • What does the ideal onboarding process look like for new sales hires?
  • What tasks and duties should all sales hires perform in the first 60 days?
  • What are early signs that a new hire is not performing to the right standard?
  • How does the first few months differ for sales reps when comparing a product-led-growth company to an enterprise company?
  • How can new sales hires really engage with broader functions within the team in the first 30 days?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Dannie Herzberg

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