20VC Crypto Roundtable: How Will US Elections Impact Crypto? Why Will Trump Lean Into Crypto in 2024? Should FTX Investors Have Known About SBF? Will Opensea Ever Be Worth $13BN Again? Will NFTs Come Back with Kyle Samani and Nick Tomaino

Posted on 8th January 2024 by Harry

Nick Tomaino is the Founder and General Partner @ 1confirmation, one of the leading seed firms fueling the decentralization of the web and society. The fund started with $26M and the firm now has over $1B in assets under management. Nick is famed for being one of the first investors in OpenSea.

Kyle Samani is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ Multicoin Capital, one of the leading crypto native funds of the last decade with positions in Solana, FTX, Fractal, and Helium to name a few.

In Today’s Crypto Roundtable Episode We Discuss:

1. Moving Away from a Shitcoin Casino:

  • What will it take for crypto to move away from being shitcoin casino?
  • Why does Nick believe that “crypto has been a free for all and greed got the better of people”?
  • Why does Nick believe that crypto shilling will reduce the amount of violence in the world?

2. FTX: The Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Plain sight:

  • How does Kyle reflect on SBF and FTX today? Should he have known it was a fraud?
  • How did Nick see so far ahead of time that SBF was not genuine?
  • What are the most striking lessons when comparing Coinbase’s Superbowl advert to FTX’s?

3. Where Politics and Crypto Collide:

  • SBF was one of the largest donors to Biden, what does this say about the rise of “crony capitalism”?
  • What candidates running in the election will be best for crypto?
  • Why will Trump win the election and be the first President to rule from a prison cell?
  • Why is the strategy pursued by Gensler and the SEC so flawed?

4. The Great NFT Comeback, The Crypto IPO Season:

  • What will be the next crypto company to IPO? When?
  • When will NFTs come back? What will cause this?
  • Will Opensea ever be worth $13BN again? What is their future?

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