20VC: Pitch & Wunderlist Founder, Christian Reber on His Personal Relationship with Risk, Money, Whether the Sale to Microsoft was a Mistake, What Great Product Design Means Today & Why Founders Investing External Capital is a Distraction

Christian Reber is the Founder & CEO of Pitch, the collaborative presentation software for modern teams. To date, Christian has raised over $52M for Pitch from some of the best in the business including Index, Thrive, Blueyard and then some amazing individuals including Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Zoom’s Eric Yuan, Datadog’s Olivier Pomerol and Tiny’s Andrew Wilkinson. Prior to Pitch, Christian was the Founder @ Wunderlist, raising $35M from the likes of Sequoia and Atomico before being acquired by Microsoft.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Christian Reber made his way into the world of startups? What led to his founding of the global phenomenon, Wunderlist? How his experience with Wunderlist led him to start Pitch most recently?

2.) Does Christian regret selling Wunderlist to Microsoft? What was the reasoning and logic behind it? What did Microsoft do wrong that resulted in Wunderlist’s demise? How did Christian deal with the personal depression post the sale of Wunderlist?

3.) How does Christian assess and evaluate his personal relationship to risk? What does he do when making risky and large decisions to ensure he is comfortable? How does Christian feel about his relationship with money? Has it changed over time? How does Christian approach personal finance in respect of startup investing, funds, cash and savings?

4.) What does Christian think great product design means today? How does he balance gut and instinct with granular data in making product decisions? Has his view changed over time? How does he structure his team to make the fastest and most efficient product decisions?

5.) How would Christian reflect on his own style of board management? Has his style changed over time? What element of does he still find challenging? What board moment would he say is his most memorable? Who has been his favourite board member to work alongside?

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Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode

Christian’s Favourite Book: The Unbanking Of America: How the New Middle Class Survives

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Get all of the insights from of our latest epsiodes and more in our monthly newsletter.