20Growth: Top Five Lessons from Leading Analytics at Facebook and Data Science at Sequoia Capital, The Two Skills Required to do Analytics Well, The Three Types of Execs within Companies and How to Hire for Growth with Chandra Narayanan

Posted on 13th March 2024 by Harry

Chandra Narayanan is one of the growth and analytics OGs having spent 7 years at Facebook leading analytics for the Facebook App and for Instagram. After Facebook, Chandra became Chief Data Scientist @ Sequoia Capital, helping Sequoia, find, select and help the best entrepreneurs in the world. Today, Chandra is the Founder & CO-CEO @ Sundial, building products to help builders make meaningful use of data to fulfill *their* mission.

In Today’s Episode with Chandra Narayanan

1. From Working on the Weather to Leading Analytics at Facebook:

  • How did Chandra make his way from analyzing weather patterns to leading analytics for Facebook?
  • What does Chandra know now that he wishes he had known when he started his career in growth?
  • How did one piece of advice from his manager at Paypal change Chandra’s mind forever on “quitting” and when to “quit”?

2. Growth and Analytics 101:

  • What does growth mean to Chandra? What is it? What is it not?
  • When is the right time to hire a growth team/person?
  • What is the right profile for the first growth hires?

3. How to Hire the Best Growth Teams in the World:

  • What are the must-ask questions when hiring for growth?
  • How does Chandra use case studies to determine the quality of a candidate?
  • What does Chandra believe are the four main reasons people go to work?
  • What are the three different types of execs in tech? How do you know when you need each one?

4. Lessons from Leading Analytics at Facebook and Sequoia:

  • What are 1-2 of Chandra’s biggest takeaways from leading analytics at Facebook?
  • What does Chandra believe are the two core skills needed to do analytics well?
  • How can you easily test if someone is good at analytics?
  • How did being Chief Data Scientist @ Sequoia change Chandra’s perspective on growth?

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