20VC: Bryan Johnson on Why Humans are no Longer Qualified to Manage Our Own Affairs, How Algorithms Will Run Our Bodies and How to Process New Ideas and Challenge Conventional Beliefs

Posted on 22nd March 2024 by Luca

Bryan Johnson is the founder of Blueprint, the man is at war with death and is mastering longevity. Bryan is on a mission aimed at enhancing human intelligence and being respected by people in the 25th century. Before starting Blueprint, Bryan also founded Braintree (acquired by PayPal for $800M) and OS Fund – a $100M venture capital fund investing in genomics, synthetic biology, and complex systems.

In Today’s Episode with Bryan Johnson We Discuss:

  1. The Philosophy of Don’t Die
  • What does Bryan think is the biggest existential threat to humankind?
  • Why does Bryan believe humans are unfit to manage their own affairs?
  • Why does Bryan care about being liked by the 25th century?
  • Does Bryan think society is ready to adapt to immortality?
  1. How to Process New Ideas
  • What 3 questions does Bryan ask to test new ideas?
  • How does Bryan combat against his own biases?
  • How does Bryan adapt to change? What has been his most painful experience?
  • Why does Bryan think religion is humanity’s most durable technology?
  1. The Most Measured Human in the World
  • What did Bryan learn about himself as the most measured human in the world?
  • How does Bryan use algorithms to take care of himself?
  • What has been Bryan’s most expensive test?
  • How did Bryan use data to rejuvenate his sexual function?
  • How will tech & AI play a role in human longevity?
  1. Health & Parenting Advice
  • How does Bryan raise his children? 
  • How does Bryan get perfect sleep every night? What are his tips?
  • What is Bryan’s advice to people who think it’s too late to start becoming healthy?
  • What health advice does Bryan think is BS?

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