20VC: What Is Wrong With The VC Industry, Why VC Is A Customer Service Game and Why Car Ownership Will Be A Thing Of The Past with Brett DeMarrais, Partner @ Ludlow Ventures

Posted on 7th September 2016 by Harry

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Brett DeMarrais is a Partner @ Ludlow Ventures, who have investments in the likes of ProductHunt, Sprig, AngelList and uBeam. Prior to joining Ludlow, Brett founded Wedit, a crowd sourced wedding video platform that reduced the cost of wedding videos and made them social. Within the first year of launching the company Wedit had won the top industry awards for customer satisfaction (Brides Choice 2012 and Best of The Knot 2012). Previously, Brett worked at Out of the Blue Entertainment.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Brett made his move into VC and came to be a partner @ Ludlow?

2.) What do most VCs mean they say ‘founder friendly’? How does Brett and Ludlow approach the popularised saying?

3.) How does Brett balance between being an investor and advisor to a founder and then being their friend and confidante?

4.) How does Brett look to balance the fiduciary responsibilities to his LPs when appreciating that the needs of the founder come before the needs of the company?

5.) Brett has previously said, ‘car ownership will be a thing of the past’. Why does Brett think this and what does this mean for the car industry as a whole?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Brett’s Fave Blog and Newsletter: Both Sides Of The Table, Dan Primack: Term Sheet

Brett’s Fave Book: Ready Player One

Brett’s Most Recent Investment: Gather

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