20VC: How LPs Can Add Strategic Value To Portfolio Companies & Why Real Estate Is On Every Whiteboard In Silicon Valley with Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder @ Fifth Wall

Posted on 3rd May 2017 by Harry

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Brendan Wallace is a Co-Founder of Fifth Wall, the fund that specializes in technology for the built world and real estate tech. Prior to Fifth Wall, Brendan was Co-founder & CEO of Identified, a data & analytics company that raised $33 million of venture capital and was acquired by Workday (WDAY) in 2014. Brendan also co-founded Cabify, the largest ridesharing service in Latin America, which has raised $143 million and operates in 14 countries and 50 cities. If that was not enough, Brendan has been an active angel investor and manages one of the largest syndicates on Angellist, having led over 50 angel investments including Bonobos, Dollar Shave Club, Earnest, Philz Coffee and Zenefits.



In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Brendan made the transition from the world of startup founding to investing with Fifth Wall?

2.) How does Brendan feel fund managers can approach LP composition in order to provide strategic value add to portfolio companies? How did he approach this?

3.) How do the differing sources of LP money differ when comparing corporate LPs to more traditional fund of funds and endowment funds? Why did Brendan decide it was optimal to have both in Fifth Wall?

4.) Brendan has previously said ‘autonomous cars are the next meteor to hit the real estate industry’. What are the 3 differing types of risk that could prevent this rise? What timeline does Brendan believe we are looking at for self-driving?

5.) How does Brendan see the urban landscape evolving and developing over time? Will we see a renewed period of urbanisation or urban spread? How do the macro levers affect this?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Brendan’s Fave Book: The Accidental Superpower

Brendan’s Fave Blog: CB Insights

Brendan’s Most Recent Investment: VTS: The Leading Asset and Asset Management Platform

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