Immediately’s Branko Cerny on The Rise Of Bottoms Up Sales and The Importance of Branding For Enterprise SaaS Companies

Posted on 25th March 2016 by Harry


Branko Cerny is the Founder and CEO at Immediately, the mobile platform for modern sales professionals whose mission is to elevate sales back to it’s core foundation, a relationship driven craft. Immediately has some of the US’s finest backing in terms of investment with the likes of Naval Ravikant @ AngelList, Ryan Holmes @ Hootsuite, Jonathan Abrams @ Friendster and Nuzzel and previous guest Kate Shillo @ Galvanize.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Branko made his way into the world of tech and came to be CEO @ Immediately?

2.) How does Branko find being one of the youngest enterprise CEO in the business? What are the challenges and what are the benefits?

3.) What can enterprise companies learn from the likes of Tinder and Equinox? How important is brand building for emerging enterprise sales companies?

4.) To what extent will we see the bottoms up sales process continue in enterprise sales? How does this change Immediately approach to UX, UI and brand building? Why did Branko choose to focus on a mobile platform with Immediately?

5.) How did Branko come to meet his stellar lineup of investors? What value add was he looking for when assembling the lineup? Is he concerned by the large number of investors Immediately has at an early stage?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Branko’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: First Round Review, Nir Eyal

Branko’s Fave Productivity Tool: IntercomMoleskin Notebook (Harry’s Productivity Tool too!)

Branko’s Fave Book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

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