20VC: The Implications of a Biden vs a Trump Administration on Venture and Startups, How The Rise of Rolling Funds, SPACs and Solo Capitalists Will Impact Venture & What We Can Do To Swing the Race Pendulum in VC with Barry Eggers, Founding Partner @ Lightspeed Venture Partners

Posted on 2nd November 2020 by Harry

Barry Eggers is a Founding Partner @ Lightspeed Venture Partners and currently Chair of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) Board of Directors. Lightspeed is one of the premier funds of the last decade with homeruns including Snapchat, Affirm, Mulesoft, Nutanix and Stitch Fix. Prior to LSVP, Barry spent close to 6 years as @ Cisco developing Cisco’s initial M&A program and leading the company’s first wave of acquisitions and integrations.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Barry made his way into the world of venture over 20 years ago and how he came to found one of today’s leaders, Lightspeed?

2.) What are the implications of a Biden administration? How does this compare to a Trump administration? What can be done to mitigate the tax concerns around Biden’s policies? How does Barry think about each candidate’s stance on immigration? What are the challenges here?

3.) How will SPACs change the world of venture? What will it take for them to be viewed in the same class as IPOs? Why are they often better than direct listings? How does the rise of solo capitalists change the state of venture? What does Barry make of rolling funds being born?

4.) What does Barry believe we can do to swing the race pendulum in venture? What were Barry’s biggest lessons in taking the Lightspeed partnership from 1 to 10 female partners? How can this be done with ethnic minorities also? What advice does Barry give to his counterpart GPs?

5.) How would Barry describe his own style of board membership? How has it changed over time? How does Barry keep his head in boards with many around him are losing theirs? What advice does Barry give to new board members adopting board seats for the first time?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Barry’s Favourite Book: Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community

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