20VC: Why The Theory of Pro-Rata Can Often Be False, How Rolling Funds Impact Both Pricing and Competition and The Biggest Takeaways from Jack Dorsey with Avlok Kholi, CEO @ AngelList Venture

Posted on 21st December 2020 by Harry

Avlok Kohli is the CEO of AngelList Venture which has facilitated the funding of over 5,000 startups including 47 unicorns and is home to 4,300 funds and syndicates with $2.2B in assets under management. This year, AngelList Venture launched the much-discussed, Rolling Funds and Avlok recently launched his own rolling fund, Avlok Capital. Prior to AngelList, Avlok built and sold two companies; FastBite, acquired by Square in 2015 and Fairy, also acquired. If that was not enough, Avlok is also an angel in 25 companies.


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Avlok made his way into the world of facilitating over $2Bn in AUM having sold 2 prior companies on the other side of the table as a founder? What is Avlok’s favourite Jack Dorsey story?

2.) Why does Avlok believe Rollings Funds are the “printing presses of innovation” for capital markets? Does Avlok believe that everyone should be a fund manager and managing capital? What are the benefits of rollings funds vs traditional micro funds?

3.) How does the rise of rolling funds impact the early stage pricing of companies? How does it impact the competitive landscape for seed and pre-seed allocations? Is Avlok concerned about a wave of undisciplined capital entering the market?

4.) How does Avlok evaluate reserve allocations for early stage and micro fund managers today? What does the data show for funds that do reserve for pro-rata vs those that do not? How has this impacted Avlok’s own approach to pro-rata and reserve deployment?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode

Avlok’s Favourite Book: Meditations

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