20VC: Why Bots Are The New Black, Conversational Interface Is The Next Wave For Consumerisation and The Determinants Of A Successful Marketplace with Annie Kadavy, General Partner @ CRV

Posted on 22nd June 2016 by Harry

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Annie Kadavy is a General Partner @ Charles River Ventures. The prestigious VC fund that is now on it’s 16th fund and has backed the likes of Twitter, Yammer and Mailbox just to name a few. At CRV, Annie focuses on all things consumer and has either led or sourced their investments in ClassPass, Cratejoy, Patreon, Laurel & Wolf and DoorDash. Prior to CRV, Annie spent time with SV Angel and Warby Parker.

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

1.) How Annie made her way into the world of VC?

2.)Why have we seen the explosion of marketplaces in recent years? What are the inherent challenges of two sided marketplaces; typically consumers and micro-entrepreneurs? Does Annie agree with Jeff Jordan in stating that these marketplaces need to nurture and manage conditions of perfect competition?

3.) What are the core components to growing traditional producer consumer marketplaces? How do they broach the chicken and the egg problem of supply and demand?

4.) Why is Annie so excited for the potential of bots? Will the transition to bots and conversational interfaces represent a major point of disruption or more of an evolution in the interface paradigm?

Items Mentioned In Today’s Show:

Annie’s Fave Book: Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential by Carol Dweck

Annie’s Fave Blog: The Skimm

Annie’s Most Recent Investment: Roam

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