20VC: Alex Rodriguez (AROD) on Investing Lessons from Warren Buffet, How a Meeting with Magic Johnson Changed His Approach to Business and The Single Best and Worst Investment Decisions he has Made and Why AROD Is Not Buying More Real Estate

Posted on 5th May 2023 by Harry

Alex Rodriguez is a businessman and the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of A-Rod Corp, a broad-based investment firm that bets on world-class startups and partners with leading global companies across the real estate, health and wellness, technology, and sports & entertainment industries. While best known as one of the world’s greatest athletes (a 14x MLB All-Star and a 2009 World Series Champion with the New York Yankees), for more than 25 years, Alex leads a team of experts building high-growth businesses and is co-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Episode Transcript

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In Today’s Episode with Alex Rodriguez

1.) From MLB to Business MVP:

  • How Alex made his transition from one of the world’s greatest athletes to the world of business?
  • What does Alex know now that he wishes he had known at the start of his business career?
  • What is Alex running away from? How do his insecurities drive him?

2.) Lessons from Magic Johnson and Warren Buffet:

  • What are some of the single biggest lessons Alex has learned from his time with Warren Buffet?
  • How did Magic Johnson impact Alex’s approach to business?
  • What is Magic Johnson’s framework? How can others use it as a blueprint for their career?

3.) Alex Rodriguez: The Business Builder and Investor:

  • What has been Alex’s single biggest investing hit? What did he learn from it?
  • What has been Alex’s single worst investment decision? How did that change his approach?
  • Why is Alex not buying real estate currently? How does he view the future of real estate buying?

4.) Alex Rodriguez: The Father and Son:

  • How did having two daughters impact Alex’s approach to business and life?
  • What have been Alex’s single biggest lessons from seeing his single mother operate?
  • How does Alex reflect on his own relationship to money? How has it changed?

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