20 VC 051: The New Silicon Valley Style VC in London with Alessandra Sollberger @ Mosaic Ventures

Posted on 6th July 2015 by Harry


Alessandra Sollberger is a VC at Mosaic Ventures, a new Silicon Valley style venture firm based in London, focussing on Series A rounds. Alessandra previously worked in private equity at Blackstone, covering sectors ranging from consumer brands to software. Prior to that, she worked in startups in the US and Europe and in M&A at Goldman Sachs. She is also the founder of Bright Mentors, an edtech non-profit teaching coding and science in secondary schools through a network of technology professionals.

In todays episode you will learn:

  • How Alessandra made her move into the VC world?
  • What are you Mosaic looking for? What is their typical investment size?


  • What Alessandra thinks of the different paths into venture?
  •  What advice would you give someone looking to enter venture?

    Why Alessandra believes there has been a resurgence in marketplaces? What is driving this growth?

  • What startup marketplaces is Alessandra most excited about?


  • Alessandra’s thoughts on the next big sector to be disrupted and why?


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