20VC: Why Founders Should Take as Many VC Meetings as Possible, Should Founders Meet Associates, How to Get Intros to the Best VCs, How To Extract the Most Value From Your Investors, Why Post IPO Operators Are the Best Angels with Sam Corcos @ Levels

Posted on 11th December 2023 by Harry

Sam Corcos is the Co-Founder & CEO @ Levels, the company helping you see how food affects your health with data from biosensors like continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). To date, Sam has raised over $89M for Levels from the likes of a16z (Jeff Jordan sits on his board), Founder Collective, Breyer Capital and Shrug Capital to name a few. Prior to Levels, Sam founded two prior companies, CarDash; a Y Combinator company that makes automotive repair and maintenance convenient. Before Cardash, Sam founded, Sightline Maps, an intuitive platform for 3D printing and visualizing topographical maps, marketed primarily towards the U.S. military.

In Today’s Episode with Sam Corcos:

1. The Founding Moment:

  • What was the a-ha moment for Sam with the founding Levels?
  • What were the big mistakes Sam made with prior companies that he did not take with him to Levels?
  • What does Sam know now that he wishes he had known when he started Levels?

2. How to Fundraise Like a Pro:

  • Why does Sam believe that founders should take as many meetings with VCs as possible?
  • What are the biggest mistakes founders make when meeting investors?
  • Should founders meet with associates in the fundraising process?
  • What does Sam mean when he says, “you have to create theater” when pitching?

3. How to Extract the Most Value from Your Investors:

  • What have been Sam’s biggest lessons on how to put your investors to work?
  • What is the right and most strategic way to ask investors for specific help?
  • How can founders create a competitive environment where VCs are competing to help?
  • Which investors have been the most helpful?
  • Why are post-IPO operators the best angels to have as investors?
  • How has the a16z platform team been such a needle mover?

4. How to Find Your Partner and Master Parenting:

  • What does Sam mean when he says he had a “one pager” in what he wanted in a partner?
  • What was in the one-pager? How did dates respond?
  • What are the biggest mistakes people make when dating?
  • What is Sam most nervous about on becoming a parent?
  • How does Sam think having a child will impact his marriage?

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