20VC: Israeli Resilience From Tech and Beyond with Michael Eisenberg and Adi Levanon

Posted on 12th October 2023 by Harry

Michael Eisenberg spent 15 years as a General Partner @ Benchmark working alongside Bill and the Benchmark partnership. Following Benchmark, Michael co-founded Aleph, one of the leading Israeli venture funds of the last decade with a portfolio including Lemonade, Melio and HoneyBook, just to name a couple of Aleph’s unicorns.

Adi Levanon is the Founder & Managing Partner @ Selah Ventures, a solo-GP-founded venture fund investing $500k checks into AI-based solutions that enhance financial services, healthcare organizations, fintechs, and SMBs, with a focus on founders in the US and Israelis globally.

In Today’s Episode on Israeli Resilience We Discuss:

  1. Where are we at today? What is it like on the ground, today?
  2. Have the international community reacted as expected? What more can be done?
  3. What does it mean to be called up for “reserve”?
  4. How are companies dealing with 25% of their teams being called into the armed forces?
  5. Are VCs investing still? Does work carry on?
  6. Whose reactions are exemplary and we should look to follow?
  7. Whose have been woeful and should be called out?
  8. What are the single biggest misconceptions of the situation?
  9. What can people do to help? What can be done?

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